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War against Orthodox Church turns towards Serbia and Montenegro (video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 430. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss protests in Serbia and Montenegro, with thousands of supporters of the Serbian Orthodox Church, calling into question a new law on religion and property seizure set to take effect in Montenegro. #Serbia #Montenegro #OrthodoxChurch #TheDuran The Duran

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Chinese companies tapping into Serbia’s construction market potential

BELGRADE, April 18 (Xinhua) — An annual international building and trade fair opened here on Wednesday, hosting more than 20 Chinese manufacturers of building materials, tools and machines, looking to extend their business to Serbia and the region. The 44th edition of the Building and Trade Fair offered a diverse exhibition in the area of construction industry with more than …

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‘If Serbs are killed, we’ll send troops in,’ says Serbian president after Kosovo-bound train blocked

Oliver Bunic / AFP

Serbia and Kosovo were brought to “the brink of conflict,” according to the Serbian president, after a Kosovo-bound train bearing the popular catchphrase ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ was prevented from crossing the border by Albanians, who deemed it an affront. The train bound for Mitrovica was the first direct link in 18 years between the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and the city …

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NATO helping Serbia dispose of stocks of surplus munitions

A government-owned demilitarization facility in central Serbia will be further developed to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of almost 2,000 tonnes of surplus munitions, reducing the risk of explosion from ageing ammunition as well as the risk of proliferation. Seven years ago, an explosion at the ammunition depot in Paracin in October 2006 clearly demonstrated the potential danger …

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Scientists in Serbia Protest against Dire Financial Situation

On July 2nd more than 3000 scientists gathered at the central Nikola Pasic square in Belgrade for the protest called SAVE-THE-SCIENCE (Spasimo Nauku in Serbian). The main reasons to start the active protest were:     the several months long delay in funding for R&D   scandalous and degrading treatment towards scientists by the current Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development   “Since …

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