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800 armed Albanian terrorists enter Macedonia from Kosovo

Macedonia ISIS Albanian terrorists

Serbian security services revealed that about 800 armed terrorists (KLA) entered the territory of FYROM (Macedonia) from Kosovo, reported Serbian daily “Novosti”. The maneuver was performed on two occasions, and according to operative data, Albanian extremists were equipped with automatic rifles. They entered Macedonian territory in small groups and, at the same time, secretly transported loads of weapons. The same scenario …

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Man Who Provided NATO With Casus Belli to Bomb Yugoslavia Immortalized in Stone

Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev

A statue of the former chief of OSCE Verification Mission to Kosovo, William Walker, was unveiled in the village of Racak, where 45 Albanian civilians were reportedly massacred by Serbian forces on January 15, 1999. William Walker is already the second US politician to be honored with a lifetime statue in Kosovo. He was the first to report the tragic …

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‘If Serbs are killed, we’ll send troops in,’ says Serbian president after Kosovo-bound train blocked

Oliver Bunic / AFP

Serbia and Kosovo were brought to “the brink of conflict,” according to the Serbian president, after a Kosovo-bound train bearing the popular catchphrase ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ was prevented from crossing the border by Albanians, who deemed it an affront. The train bound for Mitrovica was the first direct link in 18 years between the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and the city …

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Albanian Islamists from Kosovo Join Syrian War

In recent months, the “Albanian world,” which consists of five contiguous states (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro), has been increasingly interested in what is happening in Syria and the controversy over whether Albanians should go fight there. This coincided with the growth of political Islam, which in the past few weeks expressed itself in an unprecedented way with the …

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