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Iranian Ballistic Missile Test is a ‘Gift for Anti-Iranian Propaganda’

While Iran did not violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with its recent test of a ballistic missile, it did provide United States President Donald Trump the imputes for further anti-Iranian propaganda, according to Vladimir Sazhin, senior research fellow at the Institute for Eastern Studies, at the Russian Academy of Sciences. On Monday, media reported that Iran had …

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Russia, Turkey, Iran Agree on Mechanism to Monitor Syria Ceasefire

REUTERS/ Bassam Khabieh

An international meeting on the Syrian settlement began in the capital of Kazakhstan on January 23 with the participation of a number of delegations, including the opposition, Damascus, Russia, Iran and Turkey. A Turkish source confirmed later to Sputnik that Moscow, Ankara and Tehran are discussing a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria. “The abidance by the ceasefire …

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Iran’s Capital May Be Relocated Due to Risk of Devastating Earthquakes

The tragic collapse of the Plasco Building in Tehran raises concerns whether the Iranian capital should be relocated from its seismically dangerous region. Despite the fact that the iconic Plasco Building was constructed in 1962 by leading Iranian engineers, a major fire that broke out in the high-rise on January 19 didn’t just ravaged the structure; it caused it to …

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What’s Behind Russophobic McСain’s Praise of Russia’s Op in Syria

Although Senator John McCain called Russia “a major player in the Middle East,” it is clear that his intent was to spite Donald Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama, rather than to recognize Moscow’s success, Russian academic Dmitry Egorchenkov told Radio Sputnik. US Senator John McCain has recently dubbed Russia a key player in Syria. However, there is more to …

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Iran and Syria sign $3.6bn oil deal

Iran has agreed to supply Damascus with $3.6bn in oil in exchange for the right to invest in the country, Syria’s state news agency SANA has said. “An agreement was signed [on Monday] in Tehran by the Iranian and Syrian central banks, granting Syria a credit line worth $3.6bn,” the agency reported on Tuesday. The deal stipulates that Syria will pay back the …

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Photos suggest Saudis targeting Iran, Israel with ballistic missiles

Daily Telegraph says analysts who examined satellite images from surface-to-surface missile base deep in Saudi desert spotted two launch pads with markings pointing north-west towards Tel Aviv and north-east towards Tehran Satellite images indicate that Saudi Arabia has deployed ballistic missiles that are pointed towards Israel and Iran, the Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday evening. According to the report, images analyzed …

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Iran importing missile-grade French, German ore

Exploiting a loophole in Western sanctions, Iran is importing a high grade of refined alumina ore from several European countries including Germany and France that Tehran could be using to make armor parts and missile components. Western measures imposed on Iran over its disputed nuclear program have hit many sectors of its economy including steel and other metals, where it …

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