Tuesday , 7 July 2020

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Geoengineering Effort Could Pose Big Problem For Astronomers

Potential large-scale solutions to combat the influence that humans have on Earth’s rising temperatures may directly affect astronomers. During one of the United States’ largest astronomical conferences, on Jan. 4, scientists discussed what geoengineering the planet’s atmosphere could mean for astronomers whose job it is to observe the night sky. Geoengineering refers to directly altering the Earth or its atmosphere …

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Astronomers detect intergalactic radio signals from 11 billion light years away

Much of the Universe remains a mystery to astronomers. That statement holds especially true for an international team of astronomers that discovered strange intergalactic radio signals from 11 billion light years away. For the time being, astronomers have been unable to nail down the origins of these mysterious radio waves, but experts continue to examine the data for clues. One …

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