Saturday , 6 June 2020

Fukushima records highest radiation level in a year

You might think that radiation levels would be falling more than two years after Japan’s most serious nuclear disaster since the bombing of Nagasaki in the Second World War.

But on a rooftop in Fukushima, radioactive cesium levels were at the highest levels observed in the past year, according to the Asahi Shumbunnewspaper.

The publication reported that University of Tokyo associate professor Ryoji Enomoto found moss with 1.7 million becquerels just over 50 kilometres from a crippled nuclear-power plant.

This was confirmed by a nonprofit group, the newspaper noted.

According to an article by David Chandler of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a dose of 500 millisieverts can cause symptoms of radiation poisoning.

It’s not easy converting becquerels, which measures radiation emitted, to millisieverts, which measure biological damage.

But you would likely want to move if levels of 1.7 million becquerels were ever detected in your neighbourhood.

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