Sunday , 20 August 2017

Middle East


The Syrian army and its allies are just 500 meters away from Harabash district near Deir ez-Zor military airport which has been besieged by the ISIS terrorists for two months now, a military source said on Monday. “The ISIS is not deployed in the region which separates the army from Harabash and Deir ez-Zor airbase but it has control over …

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How to change the mind of a Serbian nationalist – The case of UAE-backed Aleksandar Vučić

SNS and the Serbian Government didn’t hire Bell Pottinger by accident. The lobbying contract was part of a wider Vučić-UAE arrangement. Bell Pottinger founder lord Bell has been advising UAE leaders for more than 30 years. In 2013, the UAE sent its lobbyists to support Vučić and SNS. UAE pumped billions of dollars in Serbia boosting Vučić’s 2014 electoral bid. …

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Iranian Ballistic Missile Test is a ‘Gift for Anti-Iranian Propaganda’

While Iran did not violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with its recent test of a ballistic missile, it did provide United States President Donald Trump the imputes for further anti-Iranian propaganda, according to Vladimir Sazhin, senior research fellow at the Institute for Eastern Studies, at the Russian Academy of Sciences. On Monday, media reported that Iran had …

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A Social Evil: Human Trafficking ‘Flourishing’ in Syria

At least 1,500 human trafficking cases have been registered in Syria in the past year, according to the country’s Interior Ministry. Last year saw about 1,500 cases of human trafficking in Syria, with most such operations conducted by agents of foreign criminal networks or the Syrians they hired for the purpose, the country’s Interior Ministry reported. In an interview with …

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Ceasefire in Syria: Turkish policy sets Syria on new path

If the ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey holds, it will be welcomed by most people in Syria – but the odds seem stacked against it. Several previous ceasefires have collapsed, and new clashes have already broken out in several parts of the country amidst sharp differences in interpretation of the latest agreement by the Syrian opposition and the regime …

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Iran’s Capital May Be Relocated Due to Risk of Devastating Earthquakes

The tragic collapse of the Plasco Building in Tehran raises concerns whether the Iranian capital should be relocated from its seismically dangerous region. Despite the fact that the iconic Plasco Building was constructed in 1962 by leading Iranian engineers, a major fire that broke out in the high-rise on January 19 didn’t just ravaged the structure; it caused it to …

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Mass grave of Syrian soldiers found at school in E. Aleppo, militants’ former HQ – Syria UN envoy

A mass grave with the bodies of 23 Syrian soldiers has been discovered at a school in eastern Aleppo while the army combs neighborhoods previously held by opposition forces, according to Syria envoy to the UN. “I would like to inform you that after the liberation of the eastern areas of Aleppo, Syrian authorities have found 23 bodies in Muhaddassa …

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Israel Allows Gas, Diesel Deliveries Into Gaza Strip Amid Electricity Crisis

REUTERS/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Israeli authorities opened a land crossing on Friday to allow the delivery of cooking gas and diesel into the Gaza Strip suffering from electricity power crisis, media reported. According to Palestinian Ma’an news agency, 160,000 gallons of diesel and 120 metric tons of cooking gas will be delivered into the enclave through the Karam Abu Salem crossing. The enclave faced an electricity crisis with many districts receiving energy for only three hours …

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