Friday , 5 June 2020


A New America? How US Policy Could Change Under Donald Trump

With the inauguration of Donald Trump already behind us, prominent Russian experts offer their thoughts about possible changes in US domestic and foreign policy under the new President. During a round table discussion at the International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya, the leading experts from the Moscow-based Russian International Affairs Council, a think tank, focused on how US domestic and foreign …

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The Trump era begins

Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, ushering in a new era that most of official Washington is bracing for. Trump stunned the political establishment by winning his party’s presidential nomination and shocked the world in defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in November. He did so by presenting himself as the ultimate outsider, …

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Think Twice: Topol-M Nuclear ICBMs Safeguarding Russia


Russia’s nuclear triad guarantees the nation’s security and sovereignty, RIA Novosti political analyst Alexander Khrolenko notes, adding that Moscow’s Topol-M ICBMs’ test launches demonstrate Russia’s strong defense commitment. Each launch of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Topol-M shows the country’s strong determination to protect its borders, RIA Novosti political analyst Alexander Khrolenko writes in his article. On January 16 Moscow conducted a successful …

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What is Henry Kissinger Up To?

The English language Russian news agency, Sputnik, reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to “bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset China’s military buildup.” If we take this report at face value, it tells us that Kissinger, an old cold warrior, is working to use Trump’s …

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Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence commuted by Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The 29-year-old transgender US Army private, born Bradley Manning, will be freed on 17 May instead of her scheduled 2045 release. She was sentenced to 35 years in 2013 for her role in leaking diplomatic cables to the anti-secrecy group. The leak was one of …

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Trump-Lewis row: Democrat inauguration boycott grows

The number of Democratic members of Congress saying they will boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday has increased to 26. Many have cited as a reason the president-elect’s recent attack on civil rights icon and fellow congressman John Lewis. Mr Trump lashed out at Mr Lewis on Twitter on Friday after Mr Lewis said he was not a “legitimate president”. …

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